Are there any restrictions on my free subscription viewing?

You have immediate, full unrestricted access to all content on the awoofTV platform once you register.

On what devices can I view awoofTV content?

How can I watch on my TV?

How often is new content added to the awoofTV platform?

What is the optimal browser to watch awoofTV?

What is the difference between the paid and free viewing options?

How is the Free Option funded?

What content is hosted on awoofTV

Is all content licenced?

I am a film maker, can I upload my own content onto awoofTV?

Can I pause a film and view later?

Why does the high resolution of my video sometimes reduce?

What is the minimum bandwidth I need to view awoofTV

Can I send an awoof video to a friend to watch?

Can I comment or vote on the quality of the video I have watched.