Dedicated to offering free to view proudly Nigerian Media and Movie content.

AwoofTV, based in Nigeria and Wales was conceived by a group of talented and award winning Nigerian film makers and producers as a service to offer Nigerian based media and other video content to a worldwide audience primarily at no subscription charge.

AwoofTV offers a range of Nigerian produced on demand content that is sourced from content licence holders and distributors. As a free service subsidised purely by advertising, this ground breaking service is dedicated to giving free viewing to lovers of Nigerian Film, News and digital media.

The media content we stream is:

Nigerian News

Nigerian TV Plays

Nigerian Soap Operas and Telenovela

Nollywood Films

Nigerian History

Nigerian Languages

Nigerian Documentaries

Nigerian Childrens Programmes

As film and media professionals, we know what is needed to provide a high quality and feature-filled experience for viewers. At the same time we understand that our Media, Music and Video content owners need fair payment for their works. Payment to the owners of the content you view is funded by advertising within the content streamed to you - the viewer.

This advertising content is carefully vetted and we accept advertising from organisations based all over the world. The advertising is as far as possible targetted to our audience locations, as AwoofTV is currently streamed across the world with content on our platform being viewed as far afield as Europe, Australia and the United States, and of course close to our dear homes in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and other countries in West and East Africa.

AwoofTV currently offers free viewing on your TV, Laptop or Mobile Phone of Nollywood movies, Nigerian News, Childrens programs and popular Nigerian Comedies and Series, and content is added daily from our content owner partners and top Nigerian Media personalities. All the content you enjoy on AwoofTV is from the top talent in Nigeria and is fully licenced for you to enjoy with a major proportion of our advertising revenue being paid directly to content producers and owners at very attractive rates. As a result or catalogue is increasing daily as content owners add their content to AwoofTV for you to enjoy.

For content owners, we look forward to agreeing publication relationships with you after which you will be given access to upload your productions onto the AwoofTV platform.

So please look in regularly and enjoy audio visual productions produced by some of the most talented Nigerian artistes and media personalities today. Welcome on board!